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Be attentive.

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I knew you'd know where to buy that.

Dan took a picture of the license plate.

I'm a snob.

Liyuan isn't up yet.

Teach an old dog new tricks.


I got everything I wanted.

American southerners speak in a drawling voice.

On entering her room, she began to read the letter.

Why did you ditch me?

Can you make sure that Janet is OK?

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I am very glad to be out of high school.

Emet wasn't able to move those books.

Bell invented the telephone.

Is it really that important to you?

Indra might hear you.

He makes a fool of adults.

The argument is rigorous and coherent but ultimately unconvincing.

I've got to get them a present.

Thanks to my classmates, who helped me during hard times!

Joshua has made some mistakes.

Don't let him do that again.


He entered up the sum in his account book.

I can probably reach Helge by phone right now.

He was deaf to my pleas.

It was the first time I mimed the teacher and I made all the students laugh.

Can you tell me where I can find a guest house?

I felt very awkward.

My car is a piece of junk.

I'm going to deal with Seth.

I didn't say you took it.

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I suggest you rest for a while.


We can travel through time. And we do it with an incredible rate of one second per second.


He scratched his head.

It's a simple matter of conformity.

We'll work on this tomorrow.

I still think I deserve a raise.

A thick fog delayed our flight.

Did you talk to Hon about this?

I shouldn't have tricked them.

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He hadn't eaten in two days.

It seems good to a scientific person, but I prefer to consult you in practical matters.

You should have asked her to join us.

Nicholas sat in the bean bag chair.

You've got problems.

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I brush my hair 100 strokes every night.


Julian is looking for his car keys.

Aimee looks extremely nervous.

He bore an unmistakable reference to his father. It made his mother cry.

I came back from Boston a few days ago.

Delivery is not included in the price.


Everybody at the party was charmed by her elegance.


We saw something white in the dark.


Randall can fix the heater.

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I've learned so much.

Have you received my baggage?

Warning: unsupported characters are displayed using the '_' character.


Tomorrow's my day off.

Millions of wild animals live in Alaska.

King didn't get what he wanted.


What would you like to eat?


I met him on Friday the 13th.

They developed a treatment for this disease.

The poet compared death to sleep.

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Arnold didn't want to answer the question.

We didn't choose them.

She can sew very well.

He's only two years older than Jane.

Suppose we change the subject.

Arnold didn't specify what he wanted.

Shakil is putting the children to bed.

Children often try to imitate their elders.

Lukas and Jay went skiing in the Alps.


Nicolo could tell Skeeter wasn't convinced.

He goes to the library to read books.

He noticed my presence.


We need to wait and see.


It is what I would do.

Jem comes from the state of Ohio.

Instead of going to Europe, I decided to go to America.

You're not studying hard enough.

An image is formed by the information in the media.


We did our best.

Joseph volunteered to pay for the damages.

Throw them out.

Sassan and Maria sweat, seated in a sauna.

Jitendra nodded and headed for the door.


No one came with me.

Raphael would never try to do something like that without our help.

Revised isn't beaten yet.

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The fields yielded a good harvest.

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I did it many times.

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You should not go against the rules.


Ability alone is not enough.

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I began to be tired.

I don't care what Deirdre said.

They've got a telephone next to their bed.

That's a great movie.

Where's my apple juice?

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There are plenty of funny expression in Japanese, like for example "Chi no kayotta".

I'm sure Lewis can arrange that.

Let's replace all of them.

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I want to express my appreciation for your help.

For some reason or other I cannot bring myself to work.

Why would I celebrate?


Raisa is adorable.

If it were not for water, we could not live.

She told me that he loves me.

Leif loves working outdoors.

I've been helping him.

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Amarth put the videotape in the player.

He is also returning late today.

We need a watchdog.


I sincerely, truly believe that.

Omar made a robot.

Jagath became too ill to manage the store.


Long live the loyal British poodle.

I'm really enjoying it.

As many men as came were caught.


Dan has to learn to think for himself.

I don't see anybody.

I wonder what's going to happen to us.

They won't help us.

All the children were sitting in a circle.

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In the second place, if we do not go, someone else will read the inscription on the stone and find happiness, and we shall have lost it all.

I'm pretty sure she's right.

Why was the last sentence added five hours ago?


In Japan, it's three in the morning now.

I can get it.

How can we contact you?


Your sanity isn't in question.

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Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Numbers of people came from all over the country.

I really don't care what Mara thinks.

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The employee asked for the all the members rise in pay.

What he said surprised me.

Something was wrong with my computer and I couldn't get on-line.

What heavenly weather!

That incident drew his interest.

Passengers can take a certain amount of baggage on the airplane.

I wanted your feedback.

It's true that a ghost appeared at my house.

Major was impolite.

Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams sang "shlemiel, schlemazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated" in the theme song "Making our Dreams Come True" for the television show "Laverne and Shirley," a popular American sitcom in the 1970s.

Christmas will soon come around.


I've always known that guys lie when they say that it's the proportions that matter.

Muiriel has turned twenty.

You've lost your credibility.

We're about to go out for something to eat.

Please pour me a little tea.

Stand here and fight!

That is why the U.S. government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those who would deny it.

Roger found the child crying in the street.

It's very normal.

We want to become famous.

Nectarines and peaches are the same species.


Do I have to make a speech?